Catherine Haines

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Let’s hear from some clients

Comments about the Treatments

“I just wanted to thank you again for the most wonderful massage yesterday. It was totally different to anything I have previously had, difficult to explain, but it was wonderful … a compliment for the entire holistic approach to everything you do and how wonderful you make clients feel … I will be booking another session with you soon.”
Mrs. B., Company Director

“Many, many thanks for a really excellent series of professional treatments over the last 5/6 months or so – they’ve made such a difference and I’m very grateful to you.”
Mr. B., Retired army officer

“Thank you so much for your magic healing hands.  A very professional service from a wonderful warm person.”
Mr. P., Project Manager (received massage and reflexology for stress and depression)

“Combining back massages with reflexology has really helped to release the pain and tension from my back and shoulders. The massage works on loosening the problem areas, then the reflexology afterwards helps me to completely relax. After 6 months of treatment from Catherine, I no longer feel pain or discomfort on a daily basis and feel her regular massages are preventing me from getting to that point again.”
Mrs. E, IT Sales Executive

“I find that a session of massage and reflexology with Catherine gets rid of all the tensions, stresses and strains of daily life. If I could I would have a massage every day or at least every week. It is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever known. I leave feeling on a new plane and ready to deal with anything that comes along. Since having started Reflexology sessions, I have found that the frequency of sinus infections has reduced, and for the first time in a long time I’ve been able to cope with the odd attacks without having to rely on antibiotics. I very much look forward to each visit, its so nice to have someone who is so kind, caring and willing to listen to all my problems and for that hour or hour and a half makes you feel very special and enjoy the “you” time. Thank you. I’m so so pleased to have met you and look forward to my next visit. I highly recommend you to everyone.”
Mrs. H, Bakery Assistant

“I can’t thank you enough for your treatments as I have felt enormous benefit and enjoyed every minute. I will recommend you to everyone I know and if I am ever offered a “treat” in the future I will know where to come. Thank you so very much.”
Mrs. S., Teaching Assistant

“I thought Catherine’s back massage was a life saver at a time when I did not have time to go “off-sick”. It really helped me through an acute episode and made the whole area a lot more comfortable.”
Mrs. B, Senior Nurse Practitioner

“I do a lot of lifting in my job and often feel the tension build up in my back and shoulders. I decided to start to have a massage once a month to look after my back and as a bit of pampering. Having a massage with Catherine helps to relieve the tightness and I feel totally relaxed by the end of it.”
Miss S, Ambulance Paramedic

“Just a note to thank you for your kindness and understanding over the past six months. I am certain that without your help my recovering would have taken much longer and probably involved a load of pills.”
Mr. D, Engineer (received reflexology and reiki to help with depression/anxiety)

Comments about Theta Healing

“A HUGE thank you for yesterday…the desire/need to smoke has completely disappeared…VERY weird as I keep thinking it should be more of a struggle and it isn’t.”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . I was not expecting the change to be so fundamental and so instant.”

“I just wanted to say that the (Theta) work we did was incredible…thank you”

“I am still finding it hard to believe that such a huge change has taken place! I will be recommending you to others!”

“Thank you for the Theta session – so glad I took the plunge! It has made a huge difference to how I think and feel – have examples! I appreciate all the physical and emotional support you have given me over the last year.”

“I’m more than happy to give some comments re Theta – it’s an amazing treatment.

I found it to be extremely helpful in regaining a positive outlook. It enabled me to unburden a lot of emotions and worries which had been causing me to feel quite unhappy and stressed.

It helped to clarify my thoughts and view some of my less pleasant past experiences in a much more balanced way. It also gave me a clearer understanding of the reasons why I was feeling so emotional. It allowed me to change the way I viewed this, which has enabled me to handle my emotions much more easily.

After the Theta sessions I felt much, much calmer and happier.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is feeling a bit over-whelmed with life – either their current situation or past experiences which have been hurtful. It really makes a significant difference to the way you feel.

It also helps to have an amazing therapist – thank you so much!”

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