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Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Theta Healing

Natural Face Lift Massage

Welcome to the Natural Face Lift Massage!

Take a few moments to find out how you can get a lighter, brighter look – the natural way.

In a nutshell

Natural Face Lift Massage uses a combination of massage techniques that have their origins in the ancient healing methods of Japan and India. These techniques have over time been refined for the West and the treatment can improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face, prevent and reduce appearance of wrinkles, all with the additional benefit of balancing the emotions.

Natural Face Lift Massage is a holistic 1-hour treatment incorporating the face, head, neck and shoulders.

In what ways can Natural Face Lift Massage benefit me?

  • Your facial skin will feel invigorated, lighter and more supple, as the massage movements are designed to stretch and tone.
  • Tension will feel as though it is lifted from the scalp. The treatment will improve circulation to the face and scalp which is wonderfully stimulating for the skin.
  • Lines gradually soften and your complexion will appear brighter.
  • It’s great if you carry a lot of tension in your upper body from sitting at your desk or driving, as muscles of the neck and shoulders are massaged before the face.
  • You will receive holistic benefits through the stimulation of acupressure points which relate to our various organs and systems.
  • The treatment helps with sinus drainage which, together with the relaxing effect, allows you to breathe more deeply.
  • It’s ideal for a client who does not wish to disrobe but who likes the idea of a massage – only face, neck and tops of shoulders need to be exposed.
  • Natural Face Lift Massage is deeply calming – you may well fall asleep!

So how does Natural Face Lift Massage work?

There are four stages to the treatment:

Neck, Shoulder and Scalp

To achieve a significant effect on facial skin, we need to remove tension from the underlying muscles which are not only pulling on the skin from underneath but also affecting the blood supply to our face. Tight shoulders are partly responsible for very stressed people having a “grey” look to them. Mouth expressions come from muscle under the chin which is connected to the collar bone and frowns are formed by muscle at the front and back of the scalp.

The Smooth

A series of firm stroking movements to the face, stimulate blood flow to the face and lymphatic flow away from the face. At the same time collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis are stretched to stimulate their flexibility. Skin will look better for longer if it is more flexible and has good circulation.

Facial Acupressure

A short series of acupressure points from traditional Chinese medicine balance the energy flow within body and mind.

The Lift

These techniques passively exercise the facial tissue to help counteract the effects of gravity and facial expressions by facilitating muscle memory.

How often do I need a treatment?

A brighter, more rested appearance can be seen after just one treatment, but obviously maintenance is key. It’s a bit like going to the gym: you can’t just go once and expect to be fit at the end of the session. So it is with Natural Face Lift Massage – a regular treatment will optimise the result. The “text book” suggestion for optimal results is one treatment per week for 6 weeks, followed by a monthly maintenance treatment, and ideally a few facial exercises at home.
Nonetheless, if time or resources prevent you from adopting the suggested treatment plan, I do believe you will still get a significant holistic benefit from Natural Face Lift Massage if you just have a treatment as often as you feel able.
Try it – and see the results for yourself!

Let’s hear from a couple of ladies who have tried the Natural Face Lift Massage

“I was not sure what to expect from this treatment – but I discovered that it was utterly relaxing and reviving at the same time. It is one of those treatments you just wish would carry on……………and on. It felt like my face was lighter in a strange way and my face looked brighter.” Mrs. B., Finance Director, Aged 41.

“I never knew I had held so much tension in my face until I had a wonderful face lift massage. My face looked tired and in turn it made me look older. But after having the Natural Face Lift Massage treatment I could not believe the difference it made to my looks. The fine lines had disappeared, I looked refreshed, younger and relaxed. Well worth the investment and I have already booked further sessions because I enjoyed the facial relaxation so much.” Mrs. E., Confidence Coach, Aged 54

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for my facial massage – I found it really, really relaxing. You have a lovely touch and instinctively know how much pressure is just right. I didn’t realise how much tension I was carrying in my face! Immediately afterwards, I noticed how radiant my skin felt and I looked much lighter. But I wasn’t expecting the effects to extend to the quality of my skin – I’ve noticed when applying my make-up since the massage that my skin has a better colour, a more even tone and not as dry, as if it’s healthier. I’ve had lots of facials at spas and beauty salons, but this massage seems to be different somehow. I shall certainly be booking another one!” Mrs. H, Cranio-sacral therapist, Aged 52

Can I mix and match treatments?

Whilst Natural Face Lift Massage is a 1-hour treatment, there are some wonderful combinations you can opt for:

  • Natural Face Lift Massage and Reflexology (2 hours – a wonderful top to toe experience)
  • Natural Face Lift Massage preceded by ½ hour massage (1 ½ hours)
  • Natural Face Lift Massage followed by ¼ or ½ hour Reiki
  • Natural Face Lift Massage with ¼ hour auricular therapy

If you have a different combination you would prefer, just let me know!

For your comfort

To gain maximum benefit from Natural Face Lift techniques, skin needs to be free of foundation, although eye make-up (as long as not outside of the eye socket) and lipstick are not a problem.

It is advisable not to wear contact lenses during the treatment.

Forget nasty chemicals and painful procedures, give yourself a lighter, brighter look the natural way.
Call or e-mail me today to book your Natural Face Lift Massage.